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December 2013 Journeyman Wireman Class

created on 12/26/2013 at 13:30:07, last updated on 12/26/2013 at 13:30:07

Congratulations to the December Class of Journeyman Wireman  On December 20th, the class of 5-2 apprentices numbering eighteen in total sat down to take the final exam of their apprenticeship.  This right of passage is a culmination of five year's training, both in the classroom and on the job training.  The title of Journeyman Wireman is one earned through dedication to mastering the craft.   For the past 65 years, the Electrical Training Institute has been preparing apprentices to position themselves as future leaders of our industry in central Indiana.  We congratulate these apprentices and wish them a long and rewarding career.             ... Read more

Fall 2013 Bootcamp

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  Electrical Industry Awareness Boot Camp welcomes 36 new apprentices November 18th through the 22nd was a busy week at the Electrical Training Institute for both instructors and apprentices.  Each morning of the Electrical Industry Awareness Boot Camp started with participants carrying a bundle of 3/4" EMT as a warm-up.  During the five days, stations were setup to educate our new members on topics such as safety, tool usage, lift training, productivity, and teamwork.  The 36 participants walked away with a set of Klein tools, industry certifications from Hilti and JlG, a foundation of electrical industry skills, and an appreciation of safe and productive work practices.         ... Read more

Fluke Recognizes JATC Class

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Fluke recently recognized a training class at the Electrical Training Institute in their newsletter "Electrical News". In the class, apprentices used a Fluke 1735 Power Logger to determine the cost effectiveness of replacing HID high bays with more energy efficient T5HO fluorescent fixtures.  The results were conclusive: the new fixtures would return the initial investment in less than 1.5 years.  With an estimated life cycle of 15 years, the Electrical Training Institute chose to use the granular data gathered through the classroom activity and invest in the retrofit project.  Indianapolis Power and Light also contributed grant money in response to a custom application submitted by the class. Read the entire article at the Fluke Website.       ... Read more

Domestic Automakers Charge Ahead

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    We consistently look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint at the Electrical Training Institute.  From the most sophisticated lighting controls to solar and wind powered electricity, our facility strives to be an example in the surrounding community.   Last year we installed two electric vehicle charging stations, free for use by members or guests.  Using a portion of the renewable electricity we generate on-site, these chargers can provide a full battery in four hours or less.  A current apprentice inside wireman took us up on our offer of "free fuel" by recently purchasing a fully electric Ford Focus.  Though at first the car appears to be an innocent compact hatchback, an energy conserving secret is revealed when viewed from the driver's side.  No expensive gas cap, no polluting tailpipe.             Federal and local incentives are in place to incentivize the customer and help manufacturer's move more units to increase thei... Read more