The Electrical Training Institute is a state of the art

training facility located in Indianapolis. With spacious

classrooms and properly equipped labs, students

learn in an environment designed for success.  


Alternative energy sources such as wind and solar are part of

the curriculum to ensure our graduates are leaders in the

renewable energy fields.  The building is partially powered

by a solar array on the southern exposure. 


Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent as a

replacement for polluting fossil fuel powered vehicles.  

The U.S. will require a nationwide charging station

infrastructure to meet the demands of this exciting

technology.  Learn from our certified instructors

how to become a leader in theinstallation and

maintenance of these systems.



Print reading and documentation is an essential

skill for electricians to work in multi-craft complex

environments.  From job design, estimating,

on-site engineering and code calculations,

our students get prepared to operate at the 

 highest level.

Power distribution inside a building is at the heart of what

Inside Electricians do nearly everyday.  Our hands-on labs

will give you the opportunity to learn under the guidance

of seasoned veterans in the electrical industry.

Factories and material handling rely on sophisticated motor

control systems to operate efficiently.  Our expansive motor

controls laboratories and curriculum will prepare you to work

with Programmable Logic Controllers, I/O devices, Variable

Frequency Drives, and many different types of motors.

Building automation is a highly technical field

requiring training in areas such as CCTV,

Security, HVAC controls, Card Access,

Fire Alarm, and operator interface

programming.  Our Building Automation

 Lab allows students to install, program,

and troubleshoot these systems.